The German VDE Bergisch Land-Südwestfalen offers stipends for students who are writing their Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis. The stipend accumulates up to a total of €1,800 (6 months á €300).

The stipend aims at students in the field of electrical engineering, electronics, information technology, and related technologies (e.g. medical technology), with the following objectives: Financial support for students during the creation of their bachelor’s and master’s theses, where particularly good results can be expected. The goal is to enable them to work efficiently and successfully.

Students will be supported if they can convincingly demonstrate that they have achieved exceptional performance in their studies. Students who are enrolled at universities and colleges in the area of the VDE Bergisch Land – Südwestfalen can apply.

Criteria for being accepted into a scholarship include above-average academic achievements prior to the start of bachelor’s and master’s theses. Current income conditions, or the income of parents, do not play a role in this context.

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