I will not offer this lecture in the winter term 2024/25. You can attend the lecture in summer 2024; summer 2025 or winter 2025/26.

Please also note that starting in summer 2024, I will offer the lecture bi-weekly, i.e. every two weeks, there will be a 4-hour lecture. Whether lab sessions will be bi-weekly or weekly has not yet been decided.

Module ID

Unisono ID
43ISG1188V (lecture) + 43ISG1288V (lab)

Winter & Summer


Primary Focus
Computer Science, Bachelor (Final Year)

Secondary Focus
Bachelor’s students (at least 3rd semester) and Master’s students with technical / engineering / math background. Especially Computer Science, Mechatronik, IPEM, and HCI.

Credits (LP)

For more details see https://unisono.uni-siegen.de/