During this seminar, students will participate in a Kaggle machine learning competition (or a similar format); read and analyze literature relating to machine learning; and present their results and findings. Possibly, this module contains an element of peer-review where students review each other’s work. Hence, students should be aware (and agree) that their source code and results will be shared among all participants. Students will work individually and/or in groups. 

More details https://unisono.uni-siegen.de/

Weekly Meetings


During the lockdown, we will have weekly meetings in Zoom https://uni-siegen.zoom.us/j/99323272467?pwd=amhYZWR1ZGs5c2VvRXBzbGFGNGd2QT09

However, if you prefer face-to-face meetings, we will be glad to do so. If you want to come to the university, please inform us at least 24 hrs in advance. We will then decide whether to meet in the normal lecture room or our offices.

December & January

Face-to-face meetings. Room details see https://unisono.uni-siegen.de/

Competition 1 (Individual)

Kaggle URL: https://www.kaggle.com/c/ml-competition-43isg3301v

Deadline: 9th of December 2020, 23:59 (German time)

Competition 2 (Group)

Details coming soon


Details coming soon


Details coming soon

Marking & Deliverables

To pass the module, a student must pass each of the following:

  • Competition 1 (Individual)
  • Competition 2 (Group)
  • Presentation
  • Report