We are open to industry partnerships and have successfully worked with  RyanairNovartisHRSISOWolters Kluwer, Iconic, and others. Some of the options for collaborations are outlined in the following. Please contact us if you are interested in a collaboration.

This page is still based on our work at Trinity College Dublin, and will be updated soon to reflect the opportunities in Siegen.

(Co-funded) research and/or development

We are open to any kind of collaboration relating to machine learning or recommender systems, or one of our other areas of interest. This includes short-term projects that are mutually beneficial and that may not involve financial contributions from either side. Or, mid- and long-term projects that could be (co-) funded by ADAPT, Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, or the EU. Attractive programmes are, for instance:

  • EI’s Innovation Partnership Programme
    Enterprise Ireland supports joint projects between industry and academia and covers up to 80% of the costs (up to €200,000) for up to two years. The industry partner covers the remaining 20%. Applications are possible around once every month.
  • ADAPT’s dLab
    The dLab is ADAPT’s development and research unit that implements projects at all scales for industry partners. If you lack manpower or knowledge in certain areas, the dLab may be the right partner to realize your project with one of the various funding models.

Co-Fund a PhD student or PostDoc

SFI, IRC and the EU are offering co-funded programs in which PhD students and postdoctoral researchers are working on an industry project under the supervision of an academic partner.  Postdoctoral researchers typically work for 1 to 3 years on a project, PhD students around 4 years. Some of the options are:

Co-Funded PhD students

  • Enterprise Partnership Scheme (Postgraduate)
    IRC contributes up to €16,000 per annum towards the PhD student’s cost, while the enterprise partner commits an annual contribution of €8,000 (plus equipment and conference travel if necessary). 
  • Employment-Based Postgraduate Programme
    This IRC programme contributes 24,000€ per annum to the salary of an employee if this employee conducts a PhD (or MSc in Research) under the supervision of an academic e.g. at Trinity College Dublin.

Co-Funded Postdoctoral Researchers

  • Enterprise Partnership Scheme (Postdoctoral)
    IRC contribute up to €30,596.66 per annum for a postdoctoral researcher to undertake research directly related to an organisation’s interests. The enterprise partner commits an annual contribution of €15,298.33 (plus equipment and conference travel if necessary).
  • EDGE Fellowships
    In this programme, a postdoctoral researcher works for 2 years on an industry project. The required contribution of the industry partner varies based on the IP agreement.
  • SFI Industry Fellowship Programme
    This programme temporarily places academic researchers in industry or industry researchers in academia. Fellowships have a duration between 1 and 12 months if full-time, and between 2 and 24 months if part-time. The maximum Industry Fellowship award amount is €100,000 direct costs. 

Contact us to learn more.

Host/Present/Sponsor a Meetup

Our colleague Declan McKibben in the ADAPT Centre is organizing Dublin’s largest meetup relating to machine learning — the “Machine Learning Dublin” Meetup with 3,600 members. We are also organizers of the “Recommender Systems in Action” meetup, though the first meetup in that group has yet to be organized. If you are interested in presenting a novel product or technology relating to machine learning or recommender systems, at one of the meetups, please contact us. Similarly, if you are interested in hosting a meetup, or becoming a sponsor of one of the two groups, please let us know.

Offer Student Internships / Final Year Projects

Many students of TCD’s school of computer science and statistics are required to do an industry internship or project in their final year. The internships last around six months, though not full-time (students need to take some modules while doing the internship). The internship is intended to give students some real industry experience, and write their Bachelor thesis. For companies, such an internship is a great opportunity to get to know potential candidates to hire.  So far, many large IT companies have offered such internships including Google, Accenture, Deloitte, Groupon, Indeed, MasterCard, Oracle and SAP. However, also smaller companies have offered internships and successfully hired the interns. All internships are co-supervised by a researcher at Trinity College Dublin. If you plan to offer an internship relating to recommender systems, machine learning, or one of our other research fields, we would be glad to act as supervisor.

Industry-Internship Brochure for Internships in Recommender Systems, Machine Learning…

For more information about offering internships, visit https://scss.tcd.ie/internships/ and https://ISG.beel.org/undergraduate/msiss/projects/, look at the brochure, or contact us or the School of Computer Science and Statistics.

Give a Guest Lecture

We are teaching the e-Business II and the Machine Learning modules at the School of Computer Science and Statistics. Each semester, we invite an industry partner to give a guest lecture in one of the two modules. Industry partners who have presented their products and technologies include IBM, PayPal, Stripe, and Zalando. If you are working in a field relating to e-business or machine learning and would like to give a guest lecture, please contact us. Please keep in mind that the primary goal of the guest lecture should be to provide students with real-world insights into some exciting new technologies at your company. Of course, you are also welcome to present your company and promote, for instance, open positions. Since the students are mostly computer science students, we would prefer a speaker with a strong technical background and a presentation that covers one aspect rather in depths rather than many aspects briefly.

Cooperate with SCSS or ADAPT

Trinity College Dublin Industry Research Expertise (Machine Learning and more)

Brochure: Trinity College Dublin Industry Research Expertise (Machine Learning and more)

The ADAPT Centre has many experts in areas like virtual & augmented reality, machine translation, personalisation, natural language processing, e-Health, gaming, fraud detection, privacy, fintech, digitalisation, visualisation, and eLearning. In addition, TCD’s school of computer science and statistics (SCSS) has expertise in many areas and maintains close cooperation with industry partners. Feel free to browse the websites of the ADAPT Centre and school of computer science and statistics and contact them. SCSS also has a brochure for industry partners.


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