If you are a student and have a promising business idea, we would love to support you in developing that idea and creating your own business start-up.

‘Support’ might include advice, access to our network, resources (office space, computing, …), guidance on writing grant applications (e.g. EXIST), or even direct investment.

We have plenty of experience in writing business plans, acquiring funding, and developing businesses. Prof. Joeran Beel has founded three business start-ups himself, each receiving funding (including EXIST), awards at business plan contests (including start2grow, Germany’s most prestigious contest), and notable media coverage.

The following photos illustrate some of the previous business start ups.

In 2002, Gerhard Schröder (German Chancellor, left) invited Joeran Beel (right) due to his research achievements that led to Joeran Beel’s first business start-up GSM-Schutzengel. GSM-Schutzengel received funding from multiple business partners including ADAC and Infineon.
The second business start-up (‘Docear‘) received first prize at the ego.BUSINESS business-plan contest (2nd round) and was funded through EXIST.
The Docear team (Joeran Beel, Stefan Langer, Marcel Genzmehr) visiting the Google campus in Palo Alto, California.
The third business start-up (Darwin & Goliath) is a SAAS company offering recommendations-as-a-service to SMEs. It was funded with €320k from the Irish government and Darwin & Goliath was named as one of Irelands Top 10 Business Start-Ups at the NCDC competition.

If you have a promising idea, contact Prof. Joeran Beel.