If we agree to supervise your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis, you can expect close and professional supervision from us. We will support you with ideas, advice, constructive feedback, office space, and the required equipment to ensure that you complete your thesis on time and to the highest standards. And if you manage to publish your work at a good conference, we will pay for your conference travel.


You can expect meetings with us every two to four weeks, depending on your progress, or, if really needed, even more often. You will also receive extensive feedback on your written drafts. Occasionally you may present your work to all ISG group members.

Office Space

You are very welcome to work in our offices. You will get your own desk equipped with Gigabit LAN and two screens, and very likely you will be able to enjoy an amazing view. You can also use our kitchen and meeting room.


Besides the infrastructure our university provides (e.g. a GPU cluster), we are happy to purchase additional equipment if needed. For instance, if you work on a project relating to E.g. smart homes or eHealth we are open to discuss purchasing e.g. a smartwatch.

Conference Travel

If you manage to write a full paper based on your thesis project and get it accepted for publication by a B-ranked conference (or better), we guarantee to pay for your travel fees including flight, hotel, etc. We likely would also pay when you get a short paper accepted, but we cannot guarantee that.