Paid Student Jobs (‘Hiwi’)

We seek to hire local students in Siegen for 20-60 hrs per month for one of the following tasks:

  1. Maintain our website and, which are both based on WordPress. Knowledge of WordPress and Web Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), basic knowledge of Web Technologies (HTTP, FTP), and some knowledge in Search Engine Optimization are required. Knowledge in Linux, web server software (Apache), and German are a plus but not a requirement. This job will be probably for around 20 hrs/months.
  2. Continue the development of our literature management software Docear (40-60 hrs/month). Very good JAVA programming skills are required, and highly independent work style.
  3. Support or conduct the lab sessions of our “Introduction to Machine Learning” lecture (Unisono 43ISG1288V), or the “Introduction to Complex and Intelligent Software Systems” lecture (Unisono 43ISG1222V). Around 20 hours per month, maybe 40. Good knowledge in machine learning is required as well as (very) good English skills. Knowledge in information retrieval and natural language processing is a plus.
  4. Record our lectures (especially the machine learning lecture 43ISG1188V). You would attend the lecture (2 or 4 hrs per week), setup the video recording equipment, and after the lecture do the post processing (cutting, uploading). We provide you with high-quality equipment including a Sony Alpha 7c, Rode microphones, and Adobe Premiere if needed. For this job, you need proven experience with recording and editing videos. The job will be for 20-40 hrs per months.

You will be paid according to the salary scales for student workers, and get your own desk in our offices.

Apply & Contact

As each of the jobs will require a few months (paid) training period, we are looking for students who likely will stay with us for at least 1.5 years. So, if you are e.g. in your final year of your Master’s, you would not be applicable to apply (though, we would be glad to hear from you for supervising your Master’s thesis).

Contact us if you are interested in one of the jobs and let us know:

  • Who you are
  • What you study
  • How long you likely will stay in Siegen
  • Which of the jobs you want
  • Why you want that job
  • What skills you possess already, and which ones you might still need to acquire
  • How many hours would you like to work minimum, maximum, ideally?
  • Any reference projects that you did in the past, and that relate to the student job you are interested in?
  • What other obligations do you have besides studying? Any other jobs? If so, how many hours per month?


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