Doing your Master’s thesis in a company may have many advantages and help you secure an attractive job after your thesis. However, it is important to note that the purpose of a Master’s thesis is not to do an internship, get to know a company, maybe earn some money and hopefully get a good job afterwards. The goal of a Master’s thesis is to demonstrate that you are capable of solving a scientific problem (mostly) independently.

If you are interested in us being your supervisor for an industry thesis, please note the following.

  • The thesis topic must be a research topic, not a development project. Concerning machine learning, this includes that your Master’s thesis is not a project like “Apply machine learning algorithm X to solve problem Y”, or “Find the best machine learning algorithm to solve problem Y”. There must be a unique research problem.
  • Some companies mistake students and professors for cheap or free labour. They define a project and believe the professor would provide his expertise and just accepts the grades the industry supervisor suggests at the end of the project. This is not the way it is. The professor eventually defines the project and gives you the grade. Please do not contact us with a fixed topic and say you want to start next month. Contact us way in advance with the same information as if you were proposing your own idea.
  • The company and your industry supervisor must have a proven track record of publishing. We will not supervise your thesis if your industry supervisor has no publishing experience, and the company has no track record of conducting and publishing research.
  • All data and source code you do research with must be ideally publicly available (anonymized if necessary). At least data and source code must be available to the members of our group.
  • The company must agree that your Master’s thesis can be published. The company name may be anonymized. If the company wants other information to be anonymizes or otherwise to be withhold, this must be agreed upon before the start of the project.