Asst. Prof Dr Joeran Beel

Prof Dr Joeran Beel, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Dr Joeran Beel is a tenure-track Ussher Assistant Professor in Intelligent Systems at the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin. He is also affiliated with the ADAPT Centre, an interdisciplinary research centre that closely cooperates with industry partners including Google, Deutsche Bank, Huawei, and Novartis. Joeran is further a Visiting Professor at the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo, where he also completed his postdoctoral research. Joeran holds two master’s degrees and obtained a PhD in computer science from Otto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg (Germany). During his PhD studies, Joeran completed three research visits at the University of California, Berkeley and one at the University of Cyprus. Joeran has industry experience as a product manager at / HRS Holidays, as a freelance consultant and as the founder of three business start-ups, which all received several awards e.g. at business plan competitions such as start2grow, BPW, and NDRC.

Joeran’s research focuses on automated machine learning (AutoML) & meta-learning, data science, information retrieval (IR), natural language processing (NLP), the blockchain and other technologies, in areas including recommender systems, algorithm selection, news analysis, plagiarism detection, and document engineering. Domains he is particularly interested in include digital libraries & digital humanities, eHealth, tourism, law, FinTech, and mobility. Joeran published more than 70 peer-reviewed publications that have received over 2,000 citations. He acts as a reviewer for venues such as SIGIR, ECIR, RecSys, UMAP, ACM TiiS, and JASIST. Joeran acquired more than 1 million Euro in funding for his research, prototype development, and business start-ups.

Andrew Collins

Andrew Collins is a PhD researcher at the ADAPT Centre and School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin. Andrew was awarded an Honours Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin, and subsequently pursued a Master of Science Degree in Technology and Innovation Management at the College of Business at Dublin Institute of Technology. During the Masters programme, Andrew acquired first-hand experience of the business opportunities that recommender systems present, through his consultancy work with a high-potential start-up company to develop and recommend a business strategy for their proprietary recommender product. This led him to undertake his PhD in recommender systems under Professor Beel.

Previously, Andrew was also a staff member at Trinity College Dublin where he worked on a project to digitise the Printed Catalogue of the Trinity College Library. This catalogue was printed in the 19th century and is the primary record of collections of the library up until 1872. This research developed his expertise and knowledge in the areas of document processing and information extraction. Andrew has also spent time at the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo as a visiting researcher. Here he worked in the Aizawa Laboratory, which invites global researchers in information retrieval and natural language processing to collaborate.

Alan Griffin

Alan Griffin, Machine-Learning Engineer, TCD Dublin, Ireland

Alan is a software engineer on the Darwin & Goliath project. He graduated from the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School in 2016 with an MSc. in Business Analytics, having previously graduated with a BSc. in Computer Science from University College Dublin in 2015.

Since then he has worked as a data analyst for RiskSystem, a cloud-based risk intelligence firm, before joining ADAPT to work on D&G. While at RiskSystem, he worked on a number of custom software projects in database management, API development and validation of proprietary metrics.

Conor O’Shea

Conor is a Software Engineer on the Darwin & Goliath project. He graduated from Trinity College in 2016 with an MAI in Computer Engineering.

Since then he has worked as as a software engineer for Bearing Point, a European consultancy firm before joining ADAPT to work on D&G. While at Bearing Point, he worked on large scale custom software projects in banking regulation, healthcare products regulation and telecoms customer account management.

Among his particular interests are the deployment of Machine Learning in production environments, health informatics and FinTech.

Colin Daly

Colin is a part-time PhD student. He has a BSc from University College Cork, an MBA, and MSc from the Open University, a Higher Diploma from the University of Stirling and a Postgraduate Certificate in Statistics from Trinity College Dublin. Moreover, Colin has over 25 years of experience working with big techs such as Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Siemens, Dell, and Vodafone. He is currently employed as the Senior Linux admin here at IT Services, TCD. Colin’s research interests are in the fields of Information Retrieval and Enterprise Search. His Ph.D. topic focuses on longitudinal challenges of automating crawling, indexing and tuning on the Apache Nutch and Lucene Solr platforms.

Aicha Chorana

Aicha Chorana is a visiting PhD student from the University of Laghouat in Algeria. She works with us for 1.5 years in the field of machine learning, natural language processing, and recommender systems. Aicha’s PhD topic is analyzing user engagement behaviour in online social networks for personalized recommendations.

Before starting her PhD, Aicha received her Bachelor and Master degree in Computer Science from the University of Laghouat, Algeria. Since her graduation, she had been working as an assistant lecturer at the University of Laghouat for four years. She was a research assistant in the “Laboratory of Computer Science and Mathematics” with the optimization and modelling research group at the same university. As a research assistant, Aicha participated in different research projects including community detection in online social networks and Algerian dialect identification. Her works have been published in Socialcom 2016, LREC 2016, and EACL 2017.

Hebatallah Mohamed

Hebatallah Mohamed, Recommender Systems and Machine Learning PhD Visitig Student

Hebatallah Mohamed is a visiting PhD student from the University of Roma Tre in Italy. In Rome, she is doing her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Alessandro Micarelli in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Before her PhD, Hebatallah worked as a Java developer and Technical lead at HP enterprise services, Telepin and Huawei in Cairo, Egypt. Hebatallah research interests include machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing and recommender systems. Her PhD research topic focuses on applying deep learning techniques for content-based recommendation in the academic domain. During Hebatallah’s stay, she will be conducting research on exploring state-of-the-art word embeddings (Word2Vec, Glove, and FastText) and pre-trained deep sentence encoders such as Universal Sentence Encoder (USE), InferSent and ELMo for improving Solr-based research paper recommendation in our recommender-system as-a-service for digital libraries Mr. DLib.

Ian Mackerracher

Ian Mackerracher, Visiting Student, 2019, Machine Learning, Math Retrieval

Ian is a visiting student from the University of Konstanz in the south of Germany. Ian’s research interests include machine learning, natural language processing, information retrieval, and recommender systems. Ian is currently working on a web-based LaTeX formula annotation facilitation and recommendation tool for STEM documents and will continue to do so while visiting us. The project addresses retrieving data — especially mathematical concepts — from STEM documents (science, technology, engineering, and maths). In most of the current information retrieval approaches, mathematical formulae are not considered, even though they are very common in documents within STEM fields. Retrieving the mathematical concepts encoded in formulae is important for the analysis of STEM documents since they contain a lot of relevant information that may not be found in the surrounding text.


The following students are currently working in our lab as part of their Bachelor or Master thesis or some other software projects.

Rowan Walsh, Niall Ryan, Niall O’Riordan, Dylan Driscoll, Mark Collier, Rory Hughes, Eoin Roche, Tom Wiśniowski, Aaron Duggan, Aoife Kettle, Erica O’Shaughnessy, Michael McAndrew, Chihun Lee, Brandon Dooley, Sean Fitzpatrick, Richard Noonan, Tony Prasad, Rónán Dowling-Cullen


Dr. Dominika Tkaczyk, Stefan Langer, Marcel Genzmehr, Mario LipinskiFelix BeierleDr. Zeljko Carevic, Prof. Georgia M. KapitsakiGabor Neusch, Max Wüstehube, Stefan Feyer, Sophie Siebert, Siddharth Dinesh, Sara Mahmoud, Dixon Prem Daniel, Fabian Richter, Christoph Müller, Cheng Xie, Julius Seltenheim, Alexander Schwank, Florian Wokurka, Michael Schleichardt, Paul Stüber, Ammar Shaker, Nick Friedrich, Stefan Körsten, Kevin Yao, Mathias Silbermann, Sebastian Götte, Patrick Lühne, Christian Dennis Rutsch, Christoph Sterz, Claudius Grimm,

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