Our lab is glad to welcome Hebatallah Mohamed as a visiting PhD student for three months. Hebatallah is a PhD student at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Roma Tre in Italy. In Rome, she is doing her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Alessandro Micarelli in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Before her PhD, Hebatallah worked as a Java developer and Technical lead at HP enterprise services, Telepin and Huawei in Cairo, Egypt.

Hebatallah Mohamed, Visiting PhD student in Recommender Systems and Deep Learning

Hebatallah research interests include machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing and recommender systems. Her PhD research topic focuses on applying deep learning techniques for content-based recommendation in the academic domain. Her recent work titled “Semantic-based Tag Recommendation in Scientific Bookmarking Systems” was published at RecSys’18 in Vancouver.

During Hebatallah’s stays, she will be conducting research on exploring state-of-the-art word embeddings (Word2Vec, Glove, and FastText) and pre-trained deep sentence encoders such as Universal Sentence Encoder (USE), InferSent and ELMo for improving Solr-based research paper recommendation in our recommender-system as-a-service for digital libraries Mr. DLib.

Joeran Beel

Please visit https://isg.beel.org/people/joeran-beel/ for more details about me.


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