On April 18 and 19, 2023, the Model-based Engineering Group and the Intelligent Systems Group, both at the University of Siegen, conducted a research retreat. The event featured the following presentations, and many interesting discussions relating to machine learning, recommender systems, databases, and software engineering.

  • Malte Lochau: The Model-based Engineering Group
  • Jöran Beel: The Intelligent Systems Group
  • Tobias Schüler: A Calculus of Relational Database-Manipulation Processes
  • Robert Müller: Test-driven Synthesis of Configurable Programs
  • Mathis Weiß: Comparing efficiency and effectiveness of Feature Model Synthesis and Feature Model Learning
  • Lennart Purucker: Effective Ensembling for Automated Machine Learning
  • Lukas Wegmeth: Algorithm Selection and Evaluation of Recommender Systems
  • Tobias Vente: Automated Recommender Systems
Dinner on the first day; members of the MBE and ISG group
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