Sushanta Ratna Adhikari has joined us as a Graduate Assistant. Sushanta did his bachelor’s in Computer Science and Information Technology from the Tribhuvan University, Nepal. After he completed his bachelor’s degree, he worked as a web developer for a couple of years in Java Software, Nepal. His work was mostly Frontend Development using JavaScript and ReactJS, but he has explored Backend Development using NodeJS, PHP, and Python too. In his final bachelor project, he developed a recommendation system for an eCommerce Website using content-based filtering and collaborative filtering. During that project, he explored different ML libraries like Scikit-Learn, NumPy, pandas, and TensorFlow, and also studied several concepts behind machine learning, recommendation system, and NLP via several online tutorials and videos.

Sushanta Ratna Adhikari, master’s student in University of Siegen

He came to Germany in the year 2019 to start his master’s in Computer Science at the University of Siegen and since then he has gained in-depth knowledge and worked on projects related to Machine Vision, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, NLP, and Machine Learning. He also works as a graduate assistant in the Center for Information and Media Technology (ZIMT) of the University of Siegen where he is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure management tools using the libraries like VueJS and ExpressJS. Due to his experience and interest in Frontend Development, he is assisting in the frontend-related tasks in our recommender-system as-a-service Darwin & Goliath. At the same moment, he is gaining hands-on experience in the field of AutoML, Meta-Learning, and Neural Architecture Search.

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