Mohammed Al-Rawi, Postdoctoral Researcher in AI and Fashion at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Mohammed Al-Rawi is a researcher in the field of computer vision and machine learning. He is interested in analysing images and other data. Throughout his career, he has worked in a few academic institutions including the Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics at the University of Aveiro (Portugal). His latest research position before moving to TCD was at the Computer Vision Center- at The Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain). His recent work is related to deep learning for word-spotting, text embedding, text generation, sentiment analysis, image classification, and multitasking. Al-Rawi is very interested in applying AI in the fashion field, focusing on fashion data standardisation, computer vision techniques and natural language processing; and ultimately, fashion recommender systems.

Al-Rawi’s research focuses on his successful ELITE-S project proposal “Digital Data Organisation and Exchange in Fashion (DDOEF)”. The project aims to develop an ICT Standard supporting the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in fashion and related clothing industries. The goal of DDOEF is to bridge the gap of data exchange between various fashion manufacturers and third-party AI companies, aiming thus to provide fashion-related services like recommender systems. He will, therefore, take advantage of DDOEF to facilitate building a fashion recommender system. The project is funded under the EU Marie-Sklodowska-Curie CO-FUND Action – ELITE-S.

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