Prapti Setty joins our group for the 2019/2020 Academic Year. Prapti is a 4th-year undergraduate student of Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin. She has experience working as a Software Engineering intern at Microsoft. Prapti has a keen interest in machine learning and natural language processing.

Prapti Setty, Bachelor Thesis about Text Summarization (NLP) and Presentation
Prapti Setty

Prapti will be working on her Final Year Project (B.A. Mod- Computer Science), creating an API for a summarization tool that will allow the hassle-free creation of presentations from large documents by using language processing. The tool will extract vital information, and keywords to retrieve images for the large document/paper and use these to create a custom presentation. The aim of the project is not to eliminate the need for the user to be involved in the process of creating presentations, but to reduce the time the user must spend in re-reading and re-phrasing/re-creating the different parts of the document to suit the needs of a presentation.

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