Bryan Tyrrell will be joining our group to complete a dissertation during the current academic year. Bryan is currently studying a Masters in the field of computer science and has chosen the future networked systems strand. He completed a bachelor’s degree in computer and electronic engineering from NUI Galway during which he developed a keen interest in machine learning, deep learning, and data analysis.

Bryan Tyrrell, Siamese Neural Networks Algorithm Selection
Bryan Tyrrell, Trinity College Dublin

Bryan’s dissertation topic will focus on how Siamese Neural Networks can be implemented to aid with the algorithm selection problem in machine learning and recommender systems. His goal is to build a Siamese neural network that can accurately predict how well an algorithm will perform on a given instance in a dataset. This project hopes to gain valuable insight into the field of meta-learning and algorithm selection. Bryan is currently working on a conference poster to be submitted outlining the initial results and findings gained from the research.

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