On October 1, 2019, I will be giving an invited talk at Huawei’s ‘Planet-Scale Intelligent Cloud Operations Summit’ in The Gibson Hotel Dublin (11:30 o’clock).

Automated Algorithm Selection for AIOps at Huwei's Planet-Scale Intelligent Cloud Operations Summit
Planet-Scale Intelligent Cloud Operations Summit, 1st of October 2019, 8:45-18:30 o’clock.

Abstract: Selecting and configuring the most effective algorithm for a computational problem is a non-trivial task — be it for machine learning, recommender systems, or for IT Operations. Typically, even experts struggle to predict, which algorithms will perform well in a given system. We tackle the algorithm selection problem from a recommender-system and meta-learning perspective, in which we learn and predict a) the overall best algorithm for a given problem space and b) the best algorithm for each instance in the problem space. In my talk, I am presenting the general concepts behind recommender systems, automated machine learning, and my business start-up Darwin & Goliath that offers automatic algorithm selection as-a-service.

Joeran Beel

Please visit https://isg.beel.org/people/joeran-beel/ for more details about me.


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