Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) is receiving increased attention with more and more tools and software libraries released to ease the process of automating the machine learning pipeline, particularly algorithm selection and configuration.

We have created a table of some of the more promising AutoML tools and software libraries. We plan to maintain this list and extend it in the near future.

List of AutoML Tools

If you would like to add a tool, have your tool removed or if we have misattributed a maintainer, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment!

Open Source AutoML Tools:

ToolBuilt onMaintainerSourceLast Updated
Auto-WEKAWEKALars Kotthoff et al.GithubAug 30, 2017
Auto-sklearnscikit-learnMatthias Feurer et al.GithubJan 22, 2020
AutoKerasKeras DATA Lab, Texas A&M UniversityGithubApr 8, 2020
Tpotscikit-learnComputational Genetics Lab at the University of PennsylvaniaGithubMar 31,2020
H2O automlH2OH2O aiGithubFeb 8, 2020
AdaNetTensorFlowCharles Weill, Eugen Hotaj et al.GithubFeb 4, 2020
MLjarMLjar-supervisedPiotrGithubApr 8, 2020
LudwigTensorFlowUberGithubApr 2, 2020
ML-Plan (AILibs)WEKA
Felix MohrGithubJan 24, 2020
MLBOXscikit-learnAxelGithubOct 9, 2019
Auto-PyTorchPyTorchAutoML Group FreiburgGithubMar 23, 2020
TransmorgrifAIApache SparkSalesforceGithubMar 27, 2020
automl-gsTensorFlowMax WoolfGithubApr 5, 2019
Azure Machine LearningML.NETMicrosoftGithubApr 8, 2020

Commercial Closed Source AutoML Tools

Google AutoML


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