We started working at Trinity College Dublin 1.5 years ago and launched our new website only 2 months ago. Yet, Google ranks our website #1 for the search queries ‘recommender systems ireland and ‘recommender systems dublin‘ and, not surprisingly, for the variations ‘ireland recommender systems‘ and ‘dublin recommender systems‘. Of course, this is not to mean that we, the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin or the ADAPT Centre are the undisputed authorities in the field of recommender systems in Dublin or Ireland. There are several notable researchers and institutions in recommender systems including Prof. Barry Smyth, Prof Derek Bridge and the Insight Centre. However, the good Google ranking is a flattering approval of our work in the field of recommender systems. Though, admittedly, we are searching on Google with an Irish IP, which ranks Irish websites probably higher. With non-Irish IPs, our ranking would be probably worse.

Either way, for more details on our work on recommender systems please refer to

'ireland recommender systems' Google results

‘ireland recommender systems’ Google results

'dublin recommender systems' Google results

‘dublin recommender systems’ Google results

'recommender systems dublin' Google results

‘recommender systems dublin’ Google results

'recommender systems ireland' Google results

‘recommender systems ireland’ Google results

Update Sept. 2019: Our article on recommender systems on TCD´s homepage ranks #4 for the search term “recommender system”. 

Google Ranking for the search term "Recommender Systems"
Google ranking for the search term “Recommender Systems”

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