Tobias spent two weeks with Bart Goethels and his team at the ADReM Data Lab at the University of Antwerp. He worked on novel recommender system algorithms incorporating ensembling techniques during this time.

Len Feremans, Lien Michiels, Joey De Pauw, Tobias Vente, Prof. Bart Goethals and Jens Leysen (left to right)

Located within the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, the Adrem Data Lab comprises four faculty members, seven postdoctoral researchers, and twenty-one doctoral students. The lab focuses on the intersection of theoretical research and practical application in data science, with a notable emphasis on recommender systems.

Adrem’s work spans several key areas in data science, including data management, mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Much of its research is dedicated to advancing recommender systems, where the lab has achieved considerable recognition. This focus has led to winning the Best Demo Paper Award at the RecSys 2022 conference and the Best Student Paper Award at the RecSys 2021 conference, underscoring its contributions to the field.

Looking ahead, Tobias Vente and the Intelligent Systems Group (ISG) are looking forward to further collaborate with the Adrem Data Lab. This partnership is anticipated to foster innovative research and development in the field of recommender systems, benefiting both entities by leveraging their respective strengths and expertise in upcoming projects.

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