Thorsten Schaeff, Stripe, Payment

Thorsten Schaeff, Stripe

As part of our e-Business II lecture, we invited Thorsten Schaeff to give a guest lecture, more precisely, a workshop. Thorsten is a partner engineer at Stripe, which is a payment platform, competing with PayPal. During the 90 minute lecture, Thorsten will give a short introduction to Stripe, the history, their culture, and plans for Dublin as an engineering hub. We will then look at the “old way” of making payments on the Web, including the PCI standard, and then dive into a hands-on workshop focusing on building frictionless checkout experiences with Stripe Elements, their UI components for collecting credit card details and enabling wallet payments via Apple and Google Pay. If time allows we can then look at adding local payment methods like AliPay, and WeChat Pay to reach customers in Asia. The lecture will be in a workshop style, i.e. you will need your laptop, and you should register a Stripe account before the workshop starts.

Date and Time: Thursday 15 March 2018, 15:00-17:00 in Lloyd LB120

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