After releasing the Beta some weeks ago, we made some minor adjustments, and consider the current version 1.2 as stable. There are two major improvements and two bad news:

  1. Various improvements in the PDF Metadata retrieval function for Google Scholar.
    If you had some problems in the previous Docear versions with retrieving metadata from Google Scholar, try the new Docear 1.2  and let us know if the retrieval works now. If it does not, enable our new extended logging and send us the log files.

    google scholar extended logging

    Enable extended logging

  2. Much faster monitoring update
    When you update your incoming mind-map, monitoring node respectively, the update will be much faster. In a large project with ~2.000 PDFs and thousands of annotations, the update process is about 60% faster.
  3. Add-on to import highlighted text cannot be released
    This new add-on was supposed to be a true milestone in the Docear development. So far you could only import highlighted text from PDF editors that copied the highlighted text into a pop-up annotation. The new add-on imports the text that was actually highlighted. This means, you can create highlights with basically any PDF editor on any device and as long as the PDF editor uses the standard Adobe PDF format, and Docear imports the highlighted text quite reliably. However, the add-on page has bug that may delete many of your annotations in some situations. Hence, we decided to not yet offer the add-on.
  4. Online Services are down
    Currently, all of Docear’s online services are down. This means, you cannot register, log-in to download backups, or receive recommendations. As we have very limited time right now for the development of Docear, we are afraid that we won’t be able to fix this problem soon. However, we adjusted Docear 1.2 to dynamically deal with this situation. This means, as long as the online services are down, the recommendation button is not shown and the registration dialog is not shown when installing Docear for the first time. As soon as the services are up again, all the buttons etc. are automatically shown again.

Download: Visit the Docear Download Page.



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Daniel Casas-Orozco · 31st August 2017 at 19:12

This software is amazing. I hope you guys have time to spend on keeping it going. Cheers from Colombia!

Ronaldo Ponte · 17th May 2016 at 17:24

I am still facing problems regarding the PDF metadata retrieval.
Basically, Docear is not able to recognize lots of articles from my personal library.
I have noticed that Google Scholar is the only metadata source available.
Is it possible to add other relevant metadata sources such as IEEExplore, science direct, scopus and so forth?
Moreover, the field ‘Title’ – included in ‘Create or update referece’ dialog – does not match always since some pdfs are scanned or have breaking lines in the title.
Look forward to hearing from you again.

Jaime Ribeiro · 10th February 2016 at 16:30

It would be nice to watch or monitor folder from an external disk.

Best for you!

Diego Assis · 31st January 2016 at 18:41

Awesome! Are there something about the implementation of Docear to Libreoffice?


einhander · 5th December 2015 at 12:34

Docear is really awesome! Please continue development.

Ben · 4th December 2015 at 14:10

Is there any possibility to run the new 1.2 stable version on MAC? The MAC Download file is still version beta.

Thanks for your help!!

Sam · 3rd December 2015 at 10:24

Awesome to see this still been updated!

Keep up the awesome work mate.

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