Docear 1.0 Beta 6 is available for download. There are quite a few improvements and new features. The major change is a small icon to refresh the incoming mind map. Instead of selecting the entry in the menu, you can just click on the icon to get a new list of all your PDFs. In addition, when you create a new workspace (or start Docear for the very first time), the mind maps in the Library (Incoming, Literature & Annotations, …) will have a brief description for how to use them. We hope these two new features make Docear easier to use. Furthermore, Adobe Reader X and Professional are now correctly recognized by Docear and LaTeX users will be happy to hear that they can copy reference keys with a \cite{} prefix.

The complete changes are as follows

New Features:

#604 Incoming node has a refresh button
#609 Adobe Acrobat X included in PDF Reader detection
#595 Demo mind maps on very first start / new workspace
#589 \cite{BibTeX} for LaTeX users

Feature Enhancements:
#601 improve the performance of deletion of orphaned nodes
#618 Consider what to do when PDF X Change viewer is default PDF reader
#636 use placeholders for paths in the demo files
#622 use “Nimbus” as default look-and-feel style

Bug Fixes:
#646 Unkown error happened after connecting to web service
#641 UNC path problem for workspace base dir
#628 “Jump to page” errors
#574 Docear map URI was not stored relative to workspace everytime
#594 create a mind map with spaces in it’s path failed when doing it from the workspace’s context menu
#610 References were not added for “Import child annotations”
#607 setting “mon_flatten_dirs” to 1 in the incoming map resulted in errors
#603 under special circumstances Docear tried to convert mind maps without a valid reason
#599 Automatic user creation did not always work
#455 PDF could not be opened
#635 file with spaces in the name was not found on startup
#619 PDF XChange Viewer was not always recognized correctly
#632 Exception on attempt to open non-existent PDF
#605 Update notification links to forum for experimental versions
#586 Null Pointer Exception (rarely) occured when closing Docear
#647 changing a reference’s value on the mind map, did not update the reference manager
#655 File link in the duplicates dialog did not open

Joeran Beel

Please visit for more details about me.


Wincent · 5th September 2012 at 10:19

Docear cannot import highlighted text created by Preview. I don’t know how it goes with other types of annotations.

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