Bachelor students: Do a paid internship in software engineering or statistics here at Docear

We are glad to announce that we, again, will offer a paid internship in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange service (DAAD). If you are an undergraduate student, interested in software engineering or statistics, and coming from the US, UK or Canada, get yourself started and do an 8-12 weeks internship in summer or autumn 2013, fully paid. And if you are not applicable to apply for the internship – please tell your friends to apply! 🙂

Your project

Your research question to answer will be “How to provide (better) research paper recommendations to our users?”. As such, it will be your task to support the Docear team in researching how the interests of Docear’s users can be identified from the users’ mind maps and how these interests can be matched with interesting items to recommend. You will do literature research, create new ideas, analyze user data, and implement new recommendation approaches in JAVA. Of course, you don’t have to do all of this alone – you will be closely cooperating with the Docear team. Your work will be integrated into Docear and used by thousands of researchers around the world. If your work is outstanding, we will write a research paper with you.



Docear moves to a new office and welcomes an intern from Cambridge

It’ already a few weeks ago that we moved to a new office. The computer science department of our university (OvGU) sponsors it and it’s really great, and huge.  It has space for six or even seven work spaces and there is a second room for another two or three people (again a big ‘thank you’ to  our university and our mentor Prof. Andreas Nürnberger). As you maybe know, the core team of Docear are three people  (Stefan, Marcel and me) and then there are a few students, volunteers and of course Bela, who co-founded SciPlore MindMapping, but who is in Berkeley now. That means, we have still some workspace to fill and we already began to fill it with a new intern :-). Two days ago, Cheng arrived from the university of Cambridge where he studies physics. He will stay for two month with us and will support the software development of Docear. This is particular good news for MacOS users because Cheng has a Mac and hence we can test Docear on a real Mac for the first time.

(Part of) the Docear team (Marcel, Stefan, Joeran, Cheng) in the new office

Btw. if you are interested in an internship, or writing your thesis about Docear, please read here and contact us. We have lots of great projects to work on, there are many research fields you can do research in, and, as you know, there is enough space in our office :-).


(Bachelor) Students: Do a (Paid) Internship at Docear in Magdeburg, Germany or Berkeley, USA

We are happy to announce that we can offer paid internships to German, British, and North American (USA & Canada) Bachelor students, in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Some of the internships are in cooperation with our partner SciPlore or for our project Mr. DLib. However, all results will be used by Docear, too. These are the internships we are offering (all in the field of software development).

Docear Internships (preferably in Magdeburg, Germany)

PDF Header/Metadata Extraction

Creating a Recommender System for Docear

Joined Internships by SciPlore/Docear/Mr. DLib (preferably in Berkeley, US) (more…)