Today we received a new computer and tested a few hard drives for their speed, namely:

  • Tested in a new Desktop PC with Ryzen 5, 64 GB RAM, Windows 10
    • Samsung SSD 980 Pro (4th Gen M.2 SSD), 500 GB
    • Samsung 970EVO Plus (M2. SSD), 2 TB
    • Samsung 860 EVO (SATA3 SSD), 2 TB
    • Seagate Ironwolf 256MB (SATA3 HDD), 10 TB
  • Tested in a DELL XPS 13 laptop (3 years old), 16 GB RAM, Windows 10
    • Intel SSD 660P (M.2 SSD), 2 TB
  • Tested in a Lenovo T460s laptop (5 years old), 8 GB RAM, Windows 10
    • Samsung 850 EVO Basic (SATA SSD), 1 TB

The write and speed performance differed notably according to CrystalDiskMark 8. We did all tests 5 times, and the results were always about the same.

Samsung SSD 980 Pro (4th Gen M.2 SSD)

Samsung 970EVO Plus (M.2 SSD)

Samsung 860 EVO (SATA3 SSD)

Seagate Ironwolf 256MB (SATA3 HDD)

And, for information, here some benchmark results for SSDs in some of my old laptops

Intel SSD 660P (M.2 SSD)

And, a 3 year-old Intel SSD 660P in our DELL XPS 13.

Samsung 850 EVO Basic (SATA SSD)

This disk is around 5 years old, and used in a Lenovo T460s.

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