A colleague of mine has initiated a new research project to analyse smartphone users’ usage behaviour and personality. He and his team have released an Android app named TYDR: Track Your Daily Routine. With the data from TYDR, they want to research if they can estimate the personality of a smartphone user by the data that can be collected automatically. This could eventually lead to not needing to fill out questionnaires anymore. There are potential benefits for mobile health apps and recommender systems – apps could know what type of person the user is and adapt to his/her needs.

The main features include:

  • Personality evaluation
  • Visualization of your visited locations
  • Photo statistics
  • Music statistics
  • Calls statistics
  • Steps taken statistics
  • App usage statistics
  • Internet traffic statistics
  • Notification statistics

From 12 November to 25 November you will be able to sign up for a study – you can win 50 Euro for participating! To participate, you have to fill out a personality diary (multiple choice questions) every evening for 21 days.

Joeran Beel

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