Over a year ago we started the development of SciPlore MindMapping. So far the response in the academic community was overwhelming. We get almost daily emails from users telling us how much they like the software and download counts are steadily increasing. Now, I am very pleased to announce that in the near future we will continue the development of SciPlore MindMapping as an independent tool from SciPlore. The focus of “SciPlore MindMapping” differs just too much from the goal of “SciPlore” and despite, the name “SciPlore MindMapping” is just too long anyway.

So, what we do need is a new name for SciPlore MindMapping and we want you help finding it!

There are few (but tricky) demands to the new name:

  1. The .com domain must be available (and ideally the .org too)
  2. The name must be rather short (definitely not more than 10 characters, better 8 or less)
  3. It should be a unique word, nothing like “Endnote” where people do not know whether the reference manager endnote is meant or just an ordinary endnote.
  4. It should be easy to spell and unambiguously, so nothing like “flickr” where people would spell the name incorrectly when they would hear it (flicker)
  5. It should be a single word, nothing like “SciPlore MindMapping”
  6. It should be catchy and easy to remember (of course ;-))

Nice-to-haves includes

  • A name starting with a letter early in the alphabet (but if you have a great name starting with `z` that`s great too, really)
  • A name that somehow relates with the purpose of SciPlore MindMapping (i.e. scholarly literature management in the broader sense including reference management, PDF management, document drafting, …)

Two names we came up with are “Academmic” and “Articli”. However, we don`t like “Academmic” because it is not unambiguous. “Articli” basically is a pretty cool name, I think, (short, starts with `a` and has an association to “literature/article management”) but somehow it does not sound nice, or what do you think?

If you have a great idea, please let us know. Probably it`s best if you don`t post the name here because someone else might register the domain. Better send an email to feedback A-T sciplore.org or use the contact form.

So, what`s in for you? I would love to tell you that we raised funding of a few millions and could give the inventor of the best name a few thousand bucks but I can`t. All I can offer you is the honor of being the one who invented the name of the new SciPlore MindMapping.

Joeran Beel

Please visit https://isg.beel.org/people/joeran-beel/ for more details about me.


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