Beta 12 has many new features and improvements

  • New: Incoming PDFs are now displayed in seperate window
  • New: ‘Import All’ and ‘Import New’ Bookmarks
  • Improved: Update of the monitoring node is now MUCH, MUCH faster
  • Improved: Better understandable error messages when the web service is not available (for mind map backup, user validation etc.)
  • Improved: Logging events are sent up to three times if connection breaks
  • Improved: Better exception handling if no internet connection exists
  • Improved: Icons are now in higher resolution
  • Fixed: On drag&drop always the absolute path was taken
  • Fixed: “Import Folder Structure” and “Monitoring Directory” had different file name conventions
  • Fixed: Reference key was not assigned if file name contained a German Umlaut (ä,ö,ü)
  • Fixed: Misidentifcitation of files when node text contained line break
  • Fixed: Cut and paste did not work between mind maps
  • Fixed: Export to XHTML, ODT etc. problems fixed

However, it was pretty buggy :-(. Therefore we released Beta 13 soon after which fixes most of the bugs.

Joeran Beel

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