Today we released Beta 11 of SciPlore MindMapping. There is a number
of new features, namely:

  • New: Copy several BibTeX keys from different nodes at once
  • New: Open the folder that contains the software’s log files via the menu
  • New: Keyboard shortcuts for the most important functions
  • New: Backup reminder (user is asked to activate backup after 10th software start)
  • New: Information retrieval reminder
  • New: Usage statistics implemented
  • New: More options for PDF monitoring (update automatically on opening a mind map and read (no) sub directories)
  • Improved: PDF Bookmarks are not only imported when a PDF is linked via Drag&drop but also via all other options to insert a PDF
  • Improved: Width of attributes (monitoring directroy, BibTeX keys, …) restricted to 350px (looks better)
  • Improved: Default selection method is now “on click”
  • Improved: User name is not stored in mind maps any more
  • Improved: Preferences dialog completely renewed
  • Improved: Update info can be “paused” for one version
  • Improved: Updatecheck and usage data now via webservice
  • Improved: Smarter menu (some options are not available anymore when they would not make sense)
  • Improved: Better handling of timeouts (so far it took sometimes 30 seconds)
  • Fixed: Various errors when no internet connection was available
  • Fixed: Version in registry wasn’t updated
  • Fixed: References keys for PDFs were not imported if the PDF had no bookmarks
  • Fixed: Under some circumstances references keys from Mendeley bib file were not imported (some special characters had unsual encoding)
  • Fixed: Sometimes monitoring of PDFs did not work
  • Fixed: Link to licence was broken
  • Fixed: <HTML><b>SciPlore Mindmapping</b></HTML> should not occur anymore in MacOS version
  • Fixed: Some corrupt PDF files caused SciPlore MindMapping to crash
  • Fixed: Counter for new reference keys was always one too high

Joeran Beel

Please visit for more details about me.


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