The 9th Beta of Docear is available for free download. It contains no new features but several bug fixes and feature improvements. One improvement includes the removal of line breaks in imported annotations. So far, when you highlighted text over several lines in a PDF, Docear imported the lines breaks of the highlighted text which sometimes caused a not so nice layout. In the new Docear you can do a right click on a node that links an annotation and select “PDF->Remove lines breaks from annotation”. Bug fixes include a  fix for the bug that the Adobe Acrobat Professional PDF Viewer wasn’t recognized under MacOS. On Linux the splash screen does not hide any more the setup screen on the very first start of Docear. For a detailed list of all changes see the following change log. And keep in mind – we are always looking forward for your feedback and don’t forget to have a look at the new preview of Docear’s Online Viewer.

Feature Enhancements:

  • #678 Adobe Acrobat Professional is included in PDF Viewer recognition on MacOS
  • #782 Function to remove line breaks in annotations
  • #784 More default file types to be imported

Bug fixes:

  • #734 Open document did not work with system PDF reader in one dialog
  • #785 splash screen hid the setup dialogs on first installation (Linux)
  • #771 Removed spaces in annotations (in a PDF) were not recognized
  • #739 References was not assigned to PDF correctly when path contained special characters
  • #769 Monitoring Update conflict was not solvable when annotations contained HTML code
  • #797 Docear “destroyed” annotations in PDFs when the node style was changed in a mind map
  • #800 “import annotations” options were not visible when using special PDF files
  • #725 PDF destinations changed in PDF viewer were not updated in mind maps
  • #719 Comments on underlined text passages were not imported
  • #701 PDF via Drag&Drop caused other object model than adding a PDF via monitoring function
  • #790 Fixed errors caused by notification bar
  • #715 0kb mind map was created when the map was deleted on the hard drive
  • #730 Reference updater threw exceptions when resolving node hyperlinks

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