The third Beta of Docear was released today (download here). Besides several bug fixes, the major changes are:

An automatic update-check which informs you when a new version of Docear was released. We also have a proper licence now you have to accept when starting Docear for the first time. Of course, the main licences still remains GPL2+ but we now have additional terms of service for using our online backup etc. We also implemented an optional function to transmit your mind maps to our servers so we can use them for our research (read here for more details). We would kindly ask you to activate this function because it allows us to perform our research on mind maps and the more and better research we do, the more likely we will get additional funding from the German Government to further develop Docear. As stated in our terms of use and data processing terms, we are bound to the very strict German data privacy law and try everything to protect your data. However, if you feel uncomfortable having your mind maps analyzed by us, please just deactivate the options that are shown on first start. You can then use Docear without any data being submitted to us. Finally, you can directly register a Docear account when starting Docear the first time. This account is required if you want to backup your files to our servers. We would highly recommend this since you never know what happens to your computer and you can also access your mind maps through our web interface if you are not at home. Read also here for more information about the backup and alternatives.

Here are all the changes:

New features include:
#381 “Show in reference manager”
#101 Automatic update check
#44 Enable IR on mind maps
#315 Licence for using Docear’s services
#342 More consistency in naming
#274 Function to create anonymous user

Feature enhancements include:

#353 PDF link not removed from node on removing reference
#360 “Flatten directory” setting available
#416 “Gender” may be provided on registration
#424 Adjusted Docear build script for Linux etc.
#458 No duplicate mind map id after copying mind map

Bugfixes include:
#457 SciPlore MindMapping converter did not work correctly
#413 Recent mind maps were not remembered
#404 Changes not saved after Renaming
#445 Jump to page did not work on Mac OS & Acrobat Reader
#357 Weird behavior of input validation for pdf application
#417 Remove Reference entry in context menu sometimes had wrong behaviour
#359 unfold incoming folder after canceling update
#412 Nullpointer exception after changing language and opening incoming mind map
#402 “Review Changes” on closing an unsaved mind map did not work
#405 keyboard shortcut to show and hide note panel
#395 drag&drop file from mindmap to workspace not working
#411 “Add-On” URL was incorrect
#375 Menu: Help>Documentation, Help>Documentation Map Online
#417 Remove Reference entry in context menu sometimes had wrong behaviour
#418 Link to user manual was incorrect
#415 Threading problems
#376 NullPointer on .AttributeView.setOptimalColumnWidths


Download Docear Beta 3

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